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After the success of last year, the Tour des Alpages proposes again the Trail des Audannes. Longer, more demanding, but as much (or more!) rich in breathtaking landscapes... Discover below the two courses that will delight all types of runners.

Tour des alpages

Shortly after the departure of the Anzère station, the main climb begins: 400 meters of difference in altitude over 3 kilometers of magnificent forest, to finish at the place called La Brune. From this point to the first refreshment station, you walk on a 7 kilometer long hilly alpine road through the Tsalan alpine pasture. The first refreshment point is where walkers can taste the tomme cheese made on the spot.

Then comes the last climb that leads to the Duez mountain pasture, the highest point of the race. A very rolling course awaits you afterwards, crossing the Serin mountain pasture to lead you to the second refreshment station, that of Les Rousses. In the Serin mountain pasture, there is a very modern cheese factory where walkers can taste serac.

The bisse de Sion, built at the beginning of the century, is the setting for the last 7 km. It is in this part that the legs get hard and that you have to use your mental strength to keep the pace until the finish. To support you in the 2 km descent leading to the finish on the village square of Anzère, a final refreshment station is located in the Mayens des Grillesses. In total you will have covered 17 km on alpine paths, 40% of which are in the forest, with a breathtaking panorama of the Alps of Valais.

What better way to discover the fabulous landscape of the Valais than during a race?

Technical data:

Today distance: 16.7km

Positive altitude difference: 633m

Highest point: 2'078m



Trail des audannes

The Trail des Audannes also starts at the village square of Anzère and heads towards the Combe d'Arbaz. It then goes up the valley, a wild place where waterfalls and torrents flow. The route then leads to Donin and then reaches the Col de la Selle. At this point, you will have reached the highest point of the race and swallowed almost all the difference in altitude. The descent takes place in the direction of the Audannes hut where a refreshment station will be waiting for you to regain some strength before the last part of the descent, which is fast but tough. You will then join the classic route of the Tour des Alpages at Les Rousses. The only thing left to do is the bisse de Sion, but be careful, there is still a lot to play for!

Technical data:

Total distance: 24.91km

Positive altitude difference: 1'532m

Highest point: 2'727m



Want to participate in a UTMB® World Series Event or UTMB® World Series Major? Our new run, Trail des Audannes, now allows you to collect 1 point on your UTMB® Index for 20K courses. 

Learn more about the UTMB® Index:

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